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The Guilty Pleasure of Writing!
The Christian Writers World!
Write...Write...Write !
Take a break Writers, It Can Be beneficial To Your Writing !
What is Indie Book Publishing ?


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My Blog

The Guilty Pleasure of Writing!

We all have things in our lives that we love so much, like addicted to chocolates, ice cream, a runners high, shopping, and so much more.  We often call these our " guilty pleasures", why? Because we just can't get enough of them..we keep coming back for more and each time we do we only become more addicted to them.  Writing , if you truly love it can become your "Guilty Pleasure".  Each time you think about writing an excitement should rise inside you, a thrill of putting life into your characters, putting the words down on paper and watching your story come alive!

The Christian Writers World!

If you are a Christian Romance Writer then you might like my new Radio Station "The Christian Writers World"  you can listen, call in , share your Christian books too!  I will be taking interviews from Christian Authors in the futura after I get situated more on the show.  Hope to speak to you soon Christian Writer !  Click the Link below

Write...Write...Write !

     So you know all the things you need to know about writing, yet still you hesistate, you start, then stop, you get frustrated, your ideas don't seem to flow, and when they do, after you read what you've written you tear it up, throw it in the trash and start again.  You begin to wonder if you really are a writer at all, or if you'll ever be any good at it, or make money at it.  Well you must first settle in your mind what writing really means to you.  Do you really want to write.

Take a break Writers, It Can Be beneficial To Your Writing !

Are there time when you just are exhausted from writing, yet you feel guilty when you don't write.  Times when family duties call, or you're away and there's no computor to use.  Writing is a demanding job, but there are times when you need to step back and breathe a bit and not feel guilty about it.  Read this article and see how refreshing it can be to your writing career if you do take a break, and then come back stronger than ever !

What is Indie Book Publishing ? probably heard the term Indie Book Publishing.  If you're like me you want to know exactly who they are, what they do, and if publishing with them would be beneficial to you.
Well this blog is to introduce you to them and all the benefite they have to offer you as an author, so lets take a look at them.  There's so much to this great group that I have provided a link since I could not post all they do here.  So click the link below and get all your questions answered about Indie Publishers !

How to Get Your Book Published Overseas

You've been trying without success to get your book recognized here in the states.   It's already completed, published,  and out on the market, but no sales.  Maybe you should consider overseas publishers.  Human nature is the same all over the world.  It might surprise you how well you book might do, but you'll never know until you contact foreign publishers.  But how do you go about doing that.  well please read this article, and then start doing the things they tell you to do.

Write Short Stories And Make a Living At It !

Do you love to write, but just not interested in writing novels.   What you love is short fiction stories.  You rush to magazine shelves and pick up a magazine that has many of them.  You spend your lunch hour reading them, or fall asleep at night after being thrilled with a story you could read in a couple of hours or less.  You want to write them, and even make a living at it.  So many things inspire you, and you know you could write a short story about them...well go ahead and start writing.

Make Your reading Alive With Descriptive Words !

     Have you ever read a book that seemed boring...or a book that used so many quotes from others that it seemed inpersonal, like it was written by the famous authors that the quotes came from.  Maybe you've read a book that uses words that were far above your head, it seemed that you needed someone who could explain what they were saying to you.  How does an author find the right words that will make the reader stand up and take notice, while getting excited about the novel, and read it completely.

The Phlegmatic Writer/ Our Last Personality !

Everyone says you're a easy going person, nothing phases you. You never wear your
 "feelings on your sleeves", you don't let things upset you.  You have none of the personality swings as the other three personality types I have discussed.  Your the Phlegmatic personality.  This helps you as a writer.  You don't get upset by rejection letters , or editors, which makes it easier to work with them when they suggest changes to you work.  You're very friendly , calm, and take time to listen to others as they talk about their writings, and encourage them.

The Sanguine Writer

    Your happy, energetic, you thrive on being the center of attention, you bring life to any party of social event.  You make people laugh, you know how to spin a great story, and when you write you bring these same qualities to your writing.  Your the Sanguine writer. Your very comapssionate and emotional, and these are the qualities that you add in your stories.  Writing flows easily to you, your  a "natural."  You know just when to build the excitement, or show emtions, or how to write just the right words to catch your reader from line one of your novel.
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