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Sarah Michelle Edwards thought she had met the man of her dreams in Professor Noah Spencer until a trip home, and an old teenage crush re-enters her life.  Was it still a crush like she had at now at 31 was
      Sarah's mother has asked her to take time to know Abraham, be nice to him and spend time with him she makes any decisions about his offer of marriage.  Since he has paid for her mother to have hip surgery Sarah feels it's the least she can do.  So she is on her way to take lunch. Lets read and see what being nice can do

   Sarah grabbed the bucket of Chicken, from the car seat, as she carefully tried to balance the containers of bake beans, cold slaw, and mash potatoes, and rolls in her arms. Her feet fumbled slightly and she thought all would be lost, but she managed to keep her footing until she reached the door of his shop. The Lei’s were the first ones to see her and rushed to her aid. There friendly smiles were a welcome They quickly took the containers from her and bowed as they carried them away into what looked like a backroom She followed, looking around as she walked. Where was Abraham? She felt a bit in her white floral and sandals as she met the eyes of his workers. She recognized some of their faces. They were from his yacht. They smiled and she smiled back warmly. She felt totally out of place as she watched them chattering in Chinese to each other, They were talking about her, and she knew it.
“They’re right, you do look beautiful.”
Sarah turned. Abraham was standing behind her dressed in blue jeans, a cut off tee shirt, and carrying two buckets of K.C in his arms.
He was smiling as he looked at the bucket of chicken that was on the table.
“Looks like we both had the same idea.” He laughed
“Yes, I guess we did.”
“No worries, he said as he sat the buckets down on the table beside My guys eat a lot, and we still have some hours left to work.
“So what brings you here?” He motioned for her to sit down at the table, then took the seat beside her, as he placed some chicken on his plate and hers.
She knew there was no way she could tell him it was at the request of her mother for her to be nice to him, and besides that wasn’t totally true. She liked being near him.
“Thought you might be hungry, so I brought you lunch, “ She smiled as she took a bite of chicken. You said last night that you had workers coming in so I brought enough for them too.”
And let it come to pass, the damsel to whom I say, let down thy pitcher I pray I may drink: and she shall say, drink, and I will give also: let the same be she that thou has appointed for thy servant Isaac: and shall I know that thou hast shewed kindness unto my master.”
Sarah knew the scripture he was quoting from. It was from Genesis, where Abraham sent his servant to acquire a wife for his son Isaac and how the servant prayed for God to send the right girl and that she would offer to give drink but she would give drinks to his camels too.
“That’s beautiful Abe, from Genesis right?”
He smiled. “Yes, Genesis Chapter twenty four 14.” He looked at her a long moment. You not only thought about my workers too.” He reached over and squeezed her hand…. God has shown kindness to me this day Sarah. I am blessed.”
Sarah didn’t need anyone to tell her what Abraham meant from that scripture or from the comment he just made.. She knew he was saying her actions today were a sign that they
to be together.
   “So where are the girls, she asked quickly to change the subject. I don’t see them and the Lei’s are here too so……….”
“No worries, he said with a smile. Aunt Ginny and their cousins today at the Museum of Science and Industry”
By the way he looked at knew he was aware of her tactic to change the subject.
She away at all the boxes that were stacked the windows. Most were open, but there were still a few that were not.
“Looks like things are moving along smoothly. She got up and walked over to one of the open boxes and looked inside. It held the most exquisite and beautiful vases she had ever seen in so many colors. Emerald, Jade, Orchard, Roes, and Black. She carefully picked up the Black vase. It stood out more than all the rest. All the vases had Chinese writings on them, but this one had painted flowers in all the colors. She carefully picked it up and took a more careful look. It was absolutely beautiful. She could see the Lei’s in a deep conversation with Abraham as she held it in her hands. This was probably the most expensive one of all, she thought as she looked at it, so she had better be careful.
“This one is really beautiful Abe, she carefully over to him. You should put out front in those glass cases I saw when I entered. They would really catch the eyes.”
He walked over to her. “You have a good eye for Ancient Chinese antiquities Sarah.” He took the vase from her hands. All the vases you see here will be in the front of the store in the glass cases with lights in them to show their beauty. These are the most expensive vases we have, shipped from Beijing They are irreplaceable
Sarah followed him and the Lei’s from the back room glad that she didn’t know that information before she picked it up. It would have been a real disaster if she had dropped it. The outer front of the shop was almost completely done. There were Mahogany long tables overlaid with glass on both sides of the room, and cases on the walls to hold the vases he had told her about.. There were also small marble tables with chairs situated neatly around the shop where customers could relax and view their purchase, or enjoy the Chinese pastries Mrs. Lei would be serving there once the shop opened. Sarah could see that some of the cases were filled and walked over to see what they contained.
“What are these,” she asked excite as she peered over the glass counter at all the beautiful rings, earrings, and bracelets, all as exquisite and beautiful as the vases.
“We sell more than just Vases Sarah, he said smiling. We sell rings, earrings, bracelets and other things all from China. These will be separated for now we just put them all in here for safe keeping.”
She couldn’t help but look at one particular ring that sparkled so brightly. It was a square shaped crystal ring, probably a she didn’t want to show her lack of experience about rings by asking if it was. She had always wanted to see a diamond up close, and now maybe she would have a chance to try on a real one.
“May I?’ She pointed at the ring. She watched as Abraham unlocked the case and lifted out the tray where the ring was neatly placed. She knew then that it definitely was a diamond if it had to be locked up.
“Size 7 right?”
She looked up surprised. “Yes, but how did you know?
He smiled again as he slid it onto her finger. “Each time I held your hand Sarah and touched your finger I could tell your ring size. He smiled again. I guess.”
Sarah could feel the presence of the Lei’s who were now standing near her at the ring on her hand.
It was so beautiful that all she could do was stare. A real diamond ring, and it was on her finger. Mrs. Lei rushed up close to her mumbling words in Chinese that she couldn’t understand, but Sarah could tell there was happiness in those words.
“What’s she saying Abe, she asked quickly feeling Mrs. Lei’s hand touching her finger and moving the ring around.
“She’s saying that it’s finally official.”
Sarah turned and looked at both of them. They were so happy hugging each other, then looking at Abraham smiling, as they rushed out of the room.
“Where are they going?”
“To tell the others.”
“They think we’re engaged,” she at him again.”
He nodded. “ I should tell them the truth about our relationship, and you said you’d tell me when.”
She was silent.. “Yes, she said finally, I remember.”
How could she tell them now. They were so happy for Abraham, and her. What was she to do. There was the ring staring her in the face, and there was Abraham waiting for her to tell him now was the time to confess that they really weren’t boyfriend and they really weren’t engaged at all. She started to pull it off when suddenly the room was filled with workers laughing and patting Abraham on the shoulder and bowing to her as they each looked at the ring. There was no way she could tell way at all.
She looked up as Abraham lifted her hand and placed it gently between his two hands.
“ to you my love today Sarah
Will you keep it or throw
I give to you my heart and you forever to have and to hold, I give to you all that is that no one can see, My hopes, my dreams, my fears, my doubts, nothing from you will I leave out, I to you my love today,
Will you keep it, or throw it
“That’s my poem from my poetry book “Seasons Of Love“, she the Lei’s or his workers to hear. Her heart was pounding, and she could feel the tears filling up in the corners of her eyes that she was desperately trying to hold back. He lifted her hand again, this time to his lips and placed a kiss on her ring finger.
“I guess official then, we’re engaged
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