Meet Author & Pastor Janet Marie Fears...This is her site! - My New Novel.."SARAH"
Novel now released and out in print!!!!
Sneak peek into "Sarah " 

 Sarah thought she had met the man of her dreams until an old childhood
 crush re-enters her life. 
 Was it still just a crush that had captured her heart at fifteen....or now at thirty one, was it something more ?
 The 3rd installment in Christian Romance Novels by the Author of  "The Master Plan, and  "Leah".
Now you can add this to your collection.  "Sarah" is one you'll remember long after you read the last line !
 Excerpt from my
Novel "Sarah". 
   Chinese wedding cakes are  delivered to Sarah and her family to acknowledge the engagement of Sarah & Abraham .
Why...when they are only friends.   Sarah realizes that part of the fault might be hers' because of the time she has spent with him....lets take a listen as she thinks about the whole situation of the Wedding cakes!
Sarah kept looking at the cake staring her in the face. She lowered her head in her hands. In the Lei’s eyes it was now official. She and Abe were engaged. What else could she expect. She had no one else to blame but herself, when this was the impression she had given them. She stared at the blank floor as she thought. How many times had she come to his yacht, had dinner, lunch with him and his workers, spent time with him and his girls, borrowed his clothes, even went with him when he worked at the restaurant.. She hadeven spent the night there accidentally when she fell asleep on his couch. She had to admit to herself that in all aspects it looked like they did have a relationship, so why wouldn’t the Lei’s assume that too. The sound of the phone ringing, and the girls each wanting to talk , told her that it was the call they’d been waiting for….. the call from their father. As she sat listening to the girls telling him all about their fun with their grandparents, and their cousins, Elijah and Mark.   She had to admit that Abe was like no man she had ever met. He was unique in so many ways. She remembered how she cried when her mother escorted her from the church after her outburst in the middle of his wedding  shouting out that he was suppose to marry her, not Su Ling all those years ago. She ran to her room and fell on her bed. It was then she guess her writing career really began. Her first poem was about losing him, and hoping one day to meet someone like him. She still knew it word for word
“I want to love again, I don’t know where or when
But when I do, I hope it’s with someone like you
Someone who will see all the love inside of me
You always make me sigh, whenever you walk by
You make me glad to be alive
Your words are always sweet, whenever we do meet
I wish that love could be with someone like you
Although we’re only friends, and that’s all we’ve ever been
Still when love finds me again, I wish that it could be
Your face that I would see
How happy I would be, to love someone like you !”
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