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We all search for love, hoping for that once in a life time thing...someone who'll need us & cherish us.
Another poem from my book-  "Seasons of Love" ISBN#
 Memories of You !  
someones                                                                                                         elses   look                 
someone elses touch
someone elses kiss
oh, they mean so much
looking at the little things
all lovers do
only brings back 
so many memories of  
           you .                           
Another poem from my book "A'more"
ISBN# 978-1-4489-7956-1
A Man And A Woman!
A man and a woman        
a time and a place
a man of all seasons
a woman of  grac
 It all come   together
 at a moment in  time
 two hearts find each
     and are entwined !
Someone Else Is Loving You !
  I saw you today
just a few feet away
you looked just the same
and it was hard not to cal your name
I wondered if it was true                      
that someone else was loving you
the way I use to do
was someone else there in the night
to kiss and hold you tight
to feel your passion and desi
 that use to set my soul on fire  
hen you turned and looked my  
 way not a word did you have to say
  someone else had entered in
  to the place where I had been
  that's when I knew that it was  true
 someone else was loving you !
If  There were No Dreams ! 
If there were no dreams
I would never have you
you are the reality
that dreams can come true !
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