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A Peek Into My Newest Novel  "Leah"
Set in Jackson Hole Wyoming 
“ You need to get on with your life.”
Leah looked calmly at her mother as she folded her jeans and stuffed them quickly into her suitcase. It had become her mothers favorite phrase since that dreadful day six months ago when Isaac Washington left her at the alter in front of one hundred and fifty people. She was to tired to even argue with her as she usually did. In three hours she would be on a plane heading for Jackson Hole Wyoming to house sit for the Walkers for three months. All she had to do was smile silently and let her mother talk., as she knew she would. It was like a dream at times thinking about Isaac, their wedding, and the love she thought he felt for her.
They had dated for two years. She glanced out the window as she heard the familiar phrase again cross her mothers lips. Soon they would be at O’Hare Airport. She knew her mother loved her and meant well, as she felt her hand squeeze hers, as the taxi came to a stop at the airport. She could see the tears in her mothers eyes.
“Now don’t you forget to look up Jacob Scott, she reminded her as the cabbie unloaded her luggage. He’s some sort of animal doctor out their.”
“Mom I think you mean he’s a veterinarian.”
“Yes, hard to believe little Jacob turned out to be that.” She laughed. It always made her happy when someone did something good with their life. Leah couldn’t recall a time when her mother wasn’t smiling , and helping the other children in the neighborhood who were less fortunate then they were. Like Jacob. His folks moved to Chicago when she was twelve, and he was a latch key kid, always alone after school, so naturally her mother took it upon herself to take him under her wing and invited him to stay with them until his folks got home, which was usually late. It was bad enough having him always around at her house, but when he started following her all around school everyone laughed and called him her boyfriend. It was absolutely ridiculous. Jacob was so short that everyone called him tiny., and he was extremely skinny . He wore thick black glasses, that looked like magnifiers that were used in microscopes in her biology class. And his pants were to long for him. Probably handed down from his older brother Matthew. Why he hadn’t gotten any good looks like his older brother Matthew she couldn’t understand. All the girls in the neighborhood had crushes on Matthew, including her, but he was six years older than her and getting ready to go off to collage , and besides, he had a girlfriend anyway. Junior High was dreadful, until her prayers were answered, and his father was transferred to Colorado, and they moved away, that was over twenty years ago, but she was sure he hadn’t changed to much since then, and there was no curiosity on her part to find out. But her mother had always kept in touch with him for some reason which she really didn’t understand.. But then there were a lot of things about her mother that she didn’t understand. Like the fact that she didn’t share her anger about Rebecca stealing Isaac from her on the day of her wedding. She felt that things had worked out the way they were suppose to be, and being angry was only hurting herself and not them. She could hear her mothers words now. “Leah, All things work for the good for them who love the Lord.” How was Isaac leaving her at the alter working for her good. She felt the anger rise again inside of her at the thought of her mothers words. Her mother didn’t know or understand how it felt to be jilted in front of over a hundred people.  Her mother had been married over forty years to her father, the only love of her life beside Jesus Christ. She had no understanding of how it felt, and no right to tell her she did. She looked over at her mother who was tearing a check from her checkbook.“What’s this,” she asked, as her mother placed it into her hand.“Just a little something to help, she said smiling.”Leah glanced at the check. “Oh mother you can’t afford to give me five hundred dollars, and besides I have a bit of my own, enough to take me through the summer.”She quickly handed it back to her. How could she take money from her when she had just been thinking such angry thoughts about her.Her mother shoved it back into her hands. “Yes you can, she smiled again. I love you Leah, more than you’ll ever know.”She hugged her mother as she tucked the check, and the paper with Jacobs address and phone number into her purse. She assured her that she would give Jacob a call just as soon as she got in, knowing full well that she had no intentions of doing any such thing. But it was comforting to know someone familiar was there if she needed him. Breathing a sigh of relief she made her way to the ticket counter. The plane would be on time. In less than an hour she would be leaving Chicago. Leaving Rebecca and Isaac Washington behind her, and all that had happen. Leaving the whispers behind her back from co-workers who pretended to smile in her face, but were secretly pitying her, talking about Isaac’s and Rebecca recent marriage, while she was suppose to smile and act as if it was all forgiven and forgotten.
   Three months was just what she needed. She could lose herself, concentrate on her novel. She had promised him a synopsis in a couple of weeks. She could knock that out in no time with complete solitude, and Jackson Hole would certainly give her that. It was a blessing in disguise when Pastor Walker presented the opportunity to her about house sitting for his aunt and uncle in Jackson Hole while they took their dream cruise to Alaska for their fiftieth wedding anniversary. The pay was substantial, and she could use it to pay off a few left over bills from the wedding that didn’t happen. Pastor Walker knew of her plight, having to face Rebecca and Isaac every Sunday at church, and trying to avoid them.. She smiled slightly. It would be only her and Princess, the Walkers Beagle. Princess was the reason they needed someone there. It would be cruel to board her in a kennel for three months, when she was use to the run of the house. She grabbed her satchel when she heard the boarding call, and followed the other passengers heading for gate 11. She would give Princess a special hug when she saw her… yes indeed she would. It was because of her that she was getting the break she needed. As she rushed onto the ramp leading to the plane she felt as if a heavy load was rolling from her shoulders. It was good going to a place where no one knew her, well almost no one. But then Jacob Marshall Scott didn’t matter, he was just someone from her past, no one special, and he didn’t know about her and Isaac, or her almost wedding. She doubted if he even remembered Rebecca at all, and in that aspect he was lucky. She wished she never had ever heard of her.  Maybe then things would have turned out differently. But even now, as hard as she tried to forget
she just couldn’t, and she definitely wasn’t going to forgive.
Want the book and find out what awaits Leah in Jackson Hole Wyoming !
ISBN # 978-1-62709-921-9
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