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 Me & Husband Arthur
Born and raised in Joliet , IL
I worked at Joliet Township Central, also Joliet East Campus & Joliet West Campus.
I have  a degree in Fitness & Nutrition, From International Correspondence Schools in Scranton,PA did videos with Fitness Trainer Tony Little.  I have a degree in Fiction writing from NRI schools in Washington D.C
I write poetry, black folklore, plays, and romantic christian novels.
I publish with Publish Americe...I think they are the best, giving unknown authors a real chance to suceed .
I am a fantastic cook too... plus I love to read other authors work as well as write acticles on line...God has delivered me from breast cancer.  I am a survivor for more than 11 years.  All that I do I do to the Glory of God...he is the best , and I love him...perhaps that is why I am also a pastor too!
If you want to contact me about book signings, or speaking engagements for your church, or womans club please use my e-mail  or call me at 1-815-260-2161
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