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Home site for Author Pastor Janet M. Fears, a writer of Christian Romance.  Here you will find information on my life, my recent writing. and my dreams & hopes for the future.  My writings are all about Love... the basic instinct that drives us all.  Everyone searches for love, it is the quest in everyone's soul, we go to any links to find it, and when we do , we discover thatLOVE IS WORTH ANYTHING!
 Enjoy the beautiful Piano music & the poetry...God Bless !
From My Book: Seasons of Love

I'm on my own again
our love has come to an end
there will be times I will think of you
and all that we've been through
I may see your face in a crowd
and sometimes call your name out loud
of see two lovers on a street
the way we use to meet
I know I will be lonely
as my heart cries for you only
but I'll make myself go on
and one day my heart
will sing another song
this surely isn't the end
I'm just on my own again
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Yiruma - River Flows In You
A song played by Yiruma a famous pianist, 'A River Flows In You'. A very romantic and peaceful song. I just love it and can't stop listening to it. Hope you enjoy it.
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