Meet Author & Pastor Janet Marie Fears...This is her site! - A peek into my novel
All novels are not the same...even Christian Novels...see why mine is so different......
My books are suitable for all ages..Pre-Teen..Through adulthood...simple pure, sweet make you smile, laugh, and sometimes cry...but never make you Blush !
In my novel "The MasterPlan you will
meet Kim Master. Can she
Forget those things that are behind?   Is that something Kim Masters will be able to do?  Or will past memories of her late husband keep happiness from her?  Especially when her brother-in-law arrives in town, a widower, and turns out to be his idenical twin !
I am introducing my unique style of romance writing which I call "Simply pure, sweet, and uncomplicated Christian romance".  My stories will always show the hand of God working in the lives of the characters, and teach valuable life lessons of love, forgiveness, & hope.
My Latest Novel is now available for ordering at any bookstore!
"The Master Plan"
ISBN# 978-1-4512-7574-2
My Publisher...Publish America
Baltimore, Maryland... Thanks Publish America for showing me that the Best is yet to come!!
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